Hajar Group consists of many companies engaged in a variety of activity domains. Hajar Group delivers services in civil works, visa and residency, oil and gas, IT, transportation, food production and trading, environmental protection and a host of other areas. For Hajar Group market share rests above all other key performance indicators and customer satisfaction is the ultimate objective.

In dealing with clients Hajar Group ensures that value is delivered through professionalism, quality services and customer service plan. Hajar Group’s driving strategy is to invest in new, emergent business opportunities, which has led to its uninterrupted growth.

Hajar Group is headquartered in Erbil, Kurdistan region of Iraq and has branches, offices and representations in a number of other countries including Switzerland, UK, Turkey, Russia,

Quick & Sure specializes in providing Visa and Residency services to all foreign visitors to the Kurdistan region of Iraq. 

Our services are shaped by understanding the market needs and gauged at meeting these needs through delivering excellent service. Our extensive knowledge of the country’s laws and regulations, vast experience in dealing with clients of all backgrounds and professional manner of work process handing are set to exceed our clients’ expectations. 

Our track record has won us widespread reputation and a loyal customer base allowing us to establish ourselves as the preferred supplier of visa and residency services in the country.

Our team of legal experts have a wide network of connections with the local governmental and non-governmental establishments, which uniquely positions us to provide the fastest and most reliable visa and residency services that you need. 

We offer all services that you need to have a safe and pleasant round trip to the country in one package. Our services include handling your visa and residency needs, booking your flights and hotel, arranging your transportation needs and arranging extra security means such as bulletproof vehicles and security escorts. 

Quick and Sure is your reliable visa and residency partner.

We can be distinguished from our competitors by,

  • Having a vast experience in the Kurdistan region visa and residency business.
  • Having complete knowledge and understanding of the Region’s visa and residency laws and regulations
  • Having an incredibly capable, skilled and trustworthy workforce
  • Professionalism in engineering and handling of work processes
  • Having a powerful and wide network of connections which help facilitate and accelerate the time-consuming routine works of the visa and residency process
  • Offering the lowest service fees that you can find in the market
  • Our reliableness in delivering quality services

Our Vision

We aspire to become the most reliable, customer oriented and highly rated provider of Iraqi Kurdistan visa and residency services. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the fastest and most reliable and customer oriented Iraqi Kurdistan visa and residency services to all foreign visitors to the Region.